Besøg i Calvary Assembly Church, Mumias

In September 2019, I visited Aggrey and his congregation in the middle of nowhere Kenya. I had really come to Africa.
It was 4 day with 8 meetings where the Holy Spirit truly met us with healings, tongues and people who heard God speak for the first time.
It was a breakthrough for the church and for me, as a preacher.

Aggrey said after the visit:

Sure!! the Lord has blessed us by your coming.Your stepping in our house and staying there left a mark that no one can erase. You came with the presence of Abba!and we shall never be the same. Our church family through the filling of the Holy Spirit has gone back to the original Apostolic foundation and we are headed to the right path. Shalom

I love children, and I am happy that they love me❤

Time for Nairobi National Park

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